Procedure for Local Scholarship Application

The Local Scholarship Application can be found on the BHS website under Counseling Department—click on Local Scholarship Application. Application must be completed online.

1. Read through all scholarships descriptions listed on the 2020-2021 Local Scholarships page. Pay close attention to qualifications such as GPA, college major etc. Please do not apply for a scholarship if you do not meet ALL criteria.

2. Complete the Scholarship Application and essay(s) online through the BHS Counseling Department Link. Once the application has been completed and submitted, a copy will be emailed to you. Edits can be made from from your email, if necessary.

Please use your 7th semester GPA and highest ACT score. You will receive a copy of your 7th semester transcript after Christmas Break so you will know your GPA and ACT scores.

3. Essay—if you are enrolled in College Prep English or CA IV you will work on the essay during class in January. If you are NOT enrolled in these classes please see the school counselor for assistance. Essay should only be one page (300 words) in length. PROOFREAD!

4. If you are applying for a scholarship that requires letters of recommendation or other documents, they will be uploaded to the local scholarship application.

5. The essay/letter of recommendation should include your name and the name of the scholarship in the file name (i.e. Jane Doe - Daughters of the Confederacy Essay).

6. By midnight on February 5, 2021, submit your scholarship online - be sure to upload all necessary files such as essays and letters of recommendation.