12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas Dress-Up Days
Posted on 12/03/2020

12 Days of Christmas Spirit Days begin December 7th: 


FIRST DAY: 12/7- Elf/Santa/reindeer day - wear your reindeer ears or Santa hats

SECOND DAY: 12/8- Hawaiian Christmas day -wear your beachy gear

THIRD DAY: 12/9- Grinch day - wear green or Grinchy inspired clothes

FOURTH DAY: 12/10Frozen day - wear your Frozen inspired clothes or blue

FIFTH DAY: 12/11- Music day - play Christmas music in the holidays and dress to celebrate your favorite band or music artist

SIXTH DAY: 12/14- Christmas stocking day - wear your crazy socks

SEVENTH DAY: 12/15- Movie theme day - dress as your favorite Christmas movie character

EIGHTH DAY: 12/16- Tree day/red and green day

NINTH DAY: 12/17- Beany/Santa hat day

TENTH DAY: 12/18- White christmas/wear all white day

ELEVENTH DAY: 12/21- Ugly sweater contest day

TWELFTH DAY: 12/22- Pajama day