Assistant Principal

Mrs. Desiree Jones, Assistant Principal

Photo of Desiree JonesMrs. Desiree Jones’ background includes being the only girl born between two brothers, all born one year apart. She always dreamed of working with children because of the impact that her kindergarten teacher had on her. She grew up in Fayette and moved to Boonville in the 7th grade where she continued until she graduated from high school. She went to a Jr. college for 2 years, and then to the University of Missouri to earn a degree in psychology. She worked as a high school and middle school teacher at Kemper Military School for about 10 years before she joined the crew at LSE in 2001. Mrs. Jones taught there until 2014 when she moved to the high school as the Assistant Principal.

She became an administrator because her then principal urged her to take the leap.  She felt as if Mrs. Jones possessed all of the qualities to reach more students on a daily basis, and we think she was right.  She loves her job! Her favorite memory with the district was working summer school with two of her favorite people, Mrs. Hackman and a retired teacher named Mrs. Ray.  “We would laugh and have such a good time with the middle school students and it made the time go by so fast.  Being a member of the Pirate team has allowed me to form so many lasting friendships with staff, faculty and former students! It's awesome.” said Mrs. Jones.

By Jamie Schenck, Pirate Press Reporter